In Control

Control the incision (INcision Control) for hair implantation:

  • Incision depth controlled

    • Reduction of the trauma for the patient

  • Ergonomic
    • Focus on the clinical team usage confort
  • Sterilizable
    • Allows reuse – Ecological and Economical

The hair transplant process consists of different stages, one of which is the hair implantation process. In this phase, the incisions are performed that will later receive the follicular units extracted from the patient. This process is commonly performed manually by the clinical team using a hypodermic needle and visually controlled, subject to variability when not assisted. The InControl tool was designed in such a way that the tip of the needle has always the same length on the outside, thus ensuring the ideal depth achieved in the incision process carried out by the clinical staff.

Since the incision phase is a repetitive process, using only the needle without any type of support, this process becomes tiring and vulnerable to errors. To overcome this problem, the InControl was designed to be ergonomically friendly, both for its geometry and the anti-slip roughness on its exterior.


National Patent Application No. 117603 – INCONTROL