The Insparya Hair Tech Research Team

Insparya Hair Tech has six researchers working on technological research at the Insparya Science and Clinical Institute, Insparya Group’s research centre located in Porto, under the leadership of Dr Carlos Portinha, Chief Clinical Officer of Insparya and coordinator of the R&D area. 

To create the technological research unit, we were assisted by Tiago Esteves, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering and leader of Insparya Group’s techno-hair research.

DR. Carlos Portinha, Chief Clinical Officer of Group Insparya

Chief Clinical Officer of Grupo Saúde Viável and Chief Clinical Officer of Grupo Insparya, Carlos Portinha graduated at the Medicine School of the University of Porto.

He specialized in General and Family Medicine. He is a member of the Portuguese Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery and he has specialized academic training in FUE Hair Transplant by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), of which he is a member, as well as by the EHRS – European Hair Research Society.

He is a principal investigator in the joint venture Saúde Viável/I3S for research on mother cells applied to hair loss.

Tiago Esteves, PhD

Tiago Esteves is a professional with extensive experience in biomedical image analysis and equipment management. He earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the field of automatic analysis of cell motility and morphology using image analysis. As project coordinator, Tiago Esteves is the technical head of gathering requirements from the algorithmic point of view and for developing follicular unit detection algorithms; he provides technical support related to 2D and 3D vision systems and to analysis and validation of the best technologies and methodologies to be used.

João Pedro Leite, MSc

João Leite is a design and development engineer with a background in biomechanics and product design. He has extensive experience in medical devices and in all stages of product development, from the initial idea to market implementation. He is responsible for managing the design, quality, and technical documentation processes. João is also experienced in using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, such as additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

Ana Ribeiro, MSc

Ana Ribeiro completed her master’s degree in mechanical engineering in the Faculty of Engineering in the University of Porto, specialised in Machine design and construction, and has experience in product and systems mechanical development as well as in mechanical design and finite element analysis related to the aerospace industry.

Diogo Gonçalves, MSc

Diogo Costa is an engineer with a master’s degree in mechanical constructions and is dedicated to the design and development of mechanical projects. He achieved his master’s degree in the Polytechnic of Porto – School of Engineering. Throughout his career he acquired a long experience in the area of automotive mechanics, prototyping and 3D printing.

João Marcelo Casanova, MSc

João Marcelo has a background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; his area of expertise is Automation and Robotics. He has experience in using neural networks for image analysis, implementation of trajectory calculation algorithms, and working directly with various robotic arms.

Pedro Morais, MSc

Pedro Morais has a degree in electronics and computer science and a Master’s in industrial automation. At Insparya, he is responsible for gathering requirements and implementing electromechanical and pneumatic systems, selecting and installing solenoid valves and electrical control components, and offering support for prototyping and for testing and validation of the prototypes developed.