Barrel charger device

In order to fill the barrels with follicular units efficiently, we have also developed a specific tool to perform this task. As explained, the follicular units are currently inserted into the implanter pen needle manually, one at a time. This requires a lot of handling of the follicular unit, which may lead to damage. In order to improve this process, we developed a tool with a built-in suction system to load the barrels with follicular units efficiently. The clinician simply has to move the follicular unit into the proper position and get close to the hole to be filled, and the suction system pulls the follicular unit into the correct place inside the barrel. This process is repeated until the barrel is filled with follicular units. This procedure neither grabs the follicular unit nor forces it into tight needles, which can cause damage. Thanks to the suction system, the clinician also doesn’t have to apply force to the tool to position the follicular unit.



  • Less handling of follicular units.
  • Less damage to follicular units.
  • Faster procedures.
  • Less workload for the clinicians involved.